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Costyn Law aims to achieve each client's legal objectives with an appreciation of their uniqueness and, more importantly, with an understanding of the fact that their singularity as a client requires special attention. Your company's legal needs are specific to your company, and are—in most cases if not all—based on certain factors that can vary quite substantially from client to client. Accordingly, the firm has come to use a structured system designed in-house to construct targeted, legal action plans tailored specifically to the needs of each client: The Costyn Law Targeted Counsel Protocol (TCP). This protocol, in combination with Joey Costyn's well-honed legal acumen and extensive legal experience, helps ensure that clients get their desired results quicker and less expensively than could ever be expected from most labor and employment law firms. 

Using select, vital information provided by you during your initial consultation, Costyn Law can use the TCP to:

  • Determine what your legal needs are as a new client;
  • Recommend Costyn Law services that will best address your legal needs;
  •  Develop an initial timeline along which Costyn Law can work with you to accomplish your legal objectives;
  • Draft a cost estimate for recommended services and present you with payment options based on your budgetary requirements;
  • And, finally, save you time and money by laying out a coherent plan of legal action from the outset, rather than approaching your issues from the less organized angle typical of many other law firms.

Contact Costyn Law today to set up an initial consultation and begin the process of getting your labor and/or employment issues resolved with the diligence and consideration they deserve. 

Costyn Law & the Costyn Law Targeted Counsel Protocol
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About Costyn Law
Someone at Costyn Law is available Monday through Friday to answer all of your questions. Contact Costyn Law today for a free consultation to assess your business' legal needs.
Costyn Law is headed by Joseph "Joey" Costyn, a Georgia native with over 15 years of legal study and practice. After graduating from Berry College with honors in 2003, Joey went on to attend the University of Georgia's School of Law, from which he graduated cum laude in 2006. After law school, he moved to Atlanta, where he worked for the firm of Ford & Harrison as a junior associate (2006-2009), and then as a senior associate with the firm of Smith, Gambrell, & Russell, LLP (2009-2012). In 2012, he established his own practice, Costyn Law. 
Joey Costyn