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Internal Investigations & Audits:
Providing Thorough Preventative and Interventional Business Assessments
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Costyn Law recognizes the importance of helping clients conduct internal investigations and audits to ensure that its daily operations are performed in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. It is exceedingly important for business owners to understand that non-compliant business practices open their company up to potentially serious legal and financial issues; it is therefore vital for you to discover your companies' weaknesses before someone else does. Costyn Law can help you accomplish this, and without undue upheaval or expense. 

Since sometimes a problem in your company may not be identified until it actually arises, Costyn Law is capable of not only helping its clients look for problems in its infrastructure, but also of delving into the heart of their clear and apparent problems by performing interventional investigations and audits in order to resolve issues that have already began to have an effect on business. 

Costyn Law has extensive experience in counseling clients on the issues involved with planning and conducting internal investigations and audits, including: 

  • Maintaining confidentiality and asserting legal privileges,
  • Incorporating the relevant regulatory programs into the audit,
  • Designing audit surveys and questionnaires,
  • Reviewing findings and draft reports generated by client or third-party auditors,
  • Accurately assessing audit results to identify noncompliance,
  • Evaluating the potential benefits and drawbacks of voluntary disclosures to state and federal regulatory agencies under "audit policy" programs,
  • And negotiating resolutions with federal and state agencies for voluntarily disclosed violations.
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