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Expert Legal Help With Forging Better and Safer

Employer-Employee Relations


Employment laws, which are in place at the local, state, and federal levels, exist to guarantee a fair and safe working environment for both employers and employees. Failure to adhere to employment law can be very costly for a business, and, due to their high volume, many employers understandably do not realize how many rules and regulations are actually covered by employment law. 


In order to avoid legal action being taken against your company due to a lack of knowledge with regards to employment law, it is important to have legal counsel like Costyn Law on your side that is completely and competently aware of all of your business' legal requirements to its employees.


Costyn Law is fully equipped to handle all of your business' employment law needs. Costyn Law specializes in safeguarding the employer-employee relationship, whereby the employer's rights to engage in commerce and earn a profit are preserved without encroaching upon the various rights of their employees. And, in the event that your company does in fact find itself in a situation where its adherence to employment law is challenged, Costyn Law has successfully represented employers nationwide—from Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized and small businesses—and will be happy to represent yours. 


Contact Costyn Law to get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your your business is up to date with all aspects of employment law.


Costyn Law specializes in the entire spectrum of labor & employment related matters:


  • Federal and state discrimination laws

  • Federal and state wage and hour issues

  • Anti-harassment compliance

  • Whistle-blower actions under state and federal law

  • Non-competition and other restrictive covenant agreements

  • Trade secrets

  • Employment compliance


Costyn Law's comprehensive services cover all aspects of the employer-employee relationship: 


  • Hiring

  • Affirmative action plans

  • Drug testing programs

  • Reasonable disability accommodations

  • Wage & hour classifications

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Employee communications

  • Internal auditing

  • Fiduciary duties

  • Plan administration

  • Executive compensation

  • Corporate governance and securities laws

  • Incentive programs and plans

  • Deferred compensation arrangements

  • Stock options, SARs and other equity-based compensation

  • Immigration policy and compliance

  • Immigration planning

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Employment practices

  • Personnel handbooks and manuals

  • Codes of conduct

  • Compliance audits

  • Employee and manager training

  • Comprehensive FMLA compliance and representation

  • Termination

  • High-risk terminations

  • Plant closings

  • Workforce reductions

  • Severance arrangements

  • COBRA compliance

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