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Effective Mediation & Resolutions for

Business Disagreements


Costyn Law understands that the potential for conflict and stalemate exists in all ownership structures, and is prepared to handle such disagreements in business ventures with majority-minority ownership structures as well as 50/50 ownership structures. Accordingly, no matter what kind of business you have, Costyn Law can help prevent and settle disagreements between its owners. 


Conflicts among shareholders can result from any number of different issues, like minority shareholders feeling excluded from the benefits of the enterprise or lack of cohesion regarding decisions about the use of resources and business cash flow. Costyn Law's knowledge of shareholders' rights and dispute resolution enhances its ability to provide clients with the tools they need to prevent many of these kinds of conflicts in the first place. However, sometimes disputes arise, and when they do, the most important thing is to try to end it before costly litigation results. Costyn Law therefore works diligently with its clients to enable them to address its conflicts outside of court. 


In the unlikely event that mediation, arbitration, or litigation is unavoidable, Costyn Law is there to guide clients to resolution through legal channels as well, and is committed to being there for clients every step of the way. Contact us for the exact guidance you need.


Costyn Law offers a wide array of services aimed at helping prevent and resolve conflicts between shareholders:


  • Resolving, prosecuting, and defending claims involving dissenters' rights; oppression or unfair behavior; breaches of shareholder agreements and fiduciary duty; removal of directors and access to books and records

  • Counseling owners in avoiding the appearance of oppressive or unfair behavior

  • Negotiating and providing guidance on buy-sell agreements, voting trust agreements, and shareholder freeze-out or squeeze-out claims

  • Planning and effecting ownership transfer or succession

  • Negotiating and arranging mergers or reorganizations

  • Adjusting governance structures

  • Counseling clients regarding executive compensation

  • Obtaining the fair value of clients’ ownership stakes

  • Resolving stalemate issues

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